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This week Sabir and I returned from our vacation in Mexico. It was different than I expected but it was still phenomenal! One thing that really stood out to us was how kind and genuine people were there; we were both very encouraged to start showing the same kindness to those around us. We went on a sunset cruise, snorkeled, and spent a lot of time lounging by the pool and in a hammock under the palm tree on our patio. One amazing thing that I realized as we were spending out last few days there and getting ready to come was how extremely amazing it was that this is the life I get to return to. I really started thinking about how little I think about the fact that I live a life of immense privilege and very rarely realize that and have very little gratitude for it. Most people hate leaving a vacation destination, but this time I was so happy to return to my amazing life, even though my vacation was a blast. So thankful for every blessing. Here is our visual documentation of our vacat…

Life since March


Ever since I finished school and got my new job I have been trying to find something new to chase. I have been taking pleasure in having a calmer pace of life and have enjoyed not really having anything to strive for. I thought that maybe with time something new would come along and my next big thing would just fall into my lap and I would be chasing some new success. Every person I had talked to about this told me something that didn't really satisfy my wonder- everything was so earth centered- "pursue traveling, or marriage, or education"- all things that still focused on me and finding earthly success. This past week I had the blessing of hosting someone in my home for the Pastor's Conference at my church and finally someone told me something else. I was so surprised that such simple advice had not already been given to me and that after such a long struggle, I hadn't thought of it myself. My next big chase is... to glorify God in every single situation of my…

Snow Daze

Went up to Larch Mountain with friends for the first time yesterday and had such a blast. Stuck in the snow//broke a sled//sang by a fire//got a snow exfoliation facial x 4//crazy snowball fight//hot tea//sun//frozen. It's so good to spend time with such great friends. Resolution: do stuff like this more often. Result: stayed home all day sneezing: WORTH IT. Consequence: I still have work tomorrow. Hope: Still snowed in tomorrow. Reality: probably still need to go to work. Realized: It's late, I'm sick, need to go to sleep. Goodnight loves.


The last month of my life has been the most unpredictable, busy, amazing and fun I've had in a while! I had an amazing birthday that I celebrated with special friends and cannot believe that I am already 23. I spent Christmas with my family and after the Christmas concert at my church, I spent time with friends hanging out in Portland. New Year's was spent with my church youth in prayer, worship and fun- after which I had an after party at my place. I have so enjoyed being able to spend so much time with friends this past month and am kind of sad that they have to go back to school and I have to spend more time at work. On the other hand I am ready for life to quiet down a little bit. One of my New Year's Resolutions has been to build routine into my life so that I can be more productive. While I was in school many things were chaotic and unpredictable- now that I have more stability in my life I want to work on creating good habits and sticking to them. The last chapter …