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Life goes on and my dad is home and feeling a lot better than he was on Monday night. Thank you to everyone who lifted their voices in prayer and everyone who gave encouraging consolation. All is well. The below shots were captured on Thanksgiving when I picked my dad up from the hospital. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thank You

Today my blog view count has exceeded 5000. This is monumental for me. When I started this blog I thought it would just be a few of my friends reading it but the number above tells me that its more than just them. I appreciate this so much and really hope that my blog serves as an encouragement and a reminder of the preciousness of daily life. Wish I could know who each one of you are- huge hugs from me to all of you. The biggest thanks goes to my most faithful viewers- Kat and Mariya... I'm pretty sure that at least 4000 of those views are from you guys! Love you all. 

Spirit Lead Me Where My Trust is Without Borders

This song is on my mind, and the above lyrics stand out so much!

Times of Trial

This has been a very difficult week and my family would appreciate your prayers. On Monday night my dad suffered a heart attack and is having somewhat of a slow recovery. We were anticipating to take him home today but another problem arose so he has to stay one more night. Please pray for a faster recovery and the motivation to continue with treatment afterward. A big THANK YOU goes to my gals Kat, Anna, Nina, Mariya and Tanya who have been very supportive and encouraging during this time. Yesterday while I was at the hospital my cousin Nina sent me a text just encouraging me and reminding me that all things work together for good. And then and there I had an opportunity to share the gospel with an agnostic who has been looking for answers for a while. So please pray for his heart also and for God to reveal himself to bring this guy to repentance. God's timing is always perfect and its encouraging to know that God can use even the most difficult circumstances for His glory. Prais…

Here's to a Long Day

Today has just been an eternity. Very early morning, traffic, crazy workout, and lots of paper crafting. I am exhausted but it feels really good. Lately I have just been so thankful to God for the ability to adjust to change. If a year ago I looked at my life and saw that this is what it would be like I probably would have made different decisions. But I'm glad that He gives strength to pass through every trial and difficulty. I truly think that God made us to be active and busy people instead of lazy moochers. So go out there, take on responsibility and pack your schedule with productive things :) You might bend but you won't break! Feel free to respond and share what your difficulties are.  Here's a shot I captured while in traffic "What an amazing mystery, that Your grace has come to me"

Thoughts from a guest blogger

"Do not Fear."
"What? Not even a little?"
"No, do not fear."
"Surely I may show some measure of fear?"
"No, do not fear."
Tie this knot tight around the throat of unbelief: "Do not fear." "Do not
fear" today. "Do not fear" tomorrow. "Do not fear" any day of your life.
When fear comes, drive it away and give it no space.
When the weather is rough, passengers on a ship can be comforted by the
captain's calm behavior. One simple-minded soul said, "I am sure there is
no cause to fear, for I heard the captain whistling." Surely if the captain
is at ease, the passengers can be at peace. If the Lord Jesus is at the
helm singing, do not fear. "Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him"
(Ps.37:7). "Be strong, do not fear! Behold, our God will come with
vengeance, with the recompense of God; He will come and save you"
--Charles Spurgeon

I think this would already be a complet…

Study Vibes

I have another midterm on Thursday I don't even like Starbucks

Broken Vow

So I vowed that I wouldn't listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving but just this time I couldn't help myself because my oh so favorite band For King and Country recently released a few singles pertaining to the Holiday. I think I'll forgive myself for this broken vow just this once. Enjoy

Multiseasonal Blooms

Today I had the wonderful opportunity of just marveling at nature. I am usually not one to take pictures of my feet, but the leaves were irresistible- a golden quilt over the pavement. I also stumbled upon some beautiful blooms that seemed strangely out of season which made it quite a treat just to discover them. Enjoy the little things.

We Remember Wednesday

So just a little throwback to last Thursday- we had a much needed girls night with my friends and it was awesome!! We fellowshipped, had a bonfire, made s'mores and sang around the fire. Twas a good time to be had. But now I am back to the reality of writing papers and reading a load of material on public health. Shout out to my girl Maria for checking my blog all the time and to my girl Kat for getting good grades in nursing school. Love ya Christian girls!!! Hope you all are doing something super awesome on this cold and wet Wednesday evening. Gotta go write my paper on the relation between the spread of TB and poverty.