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Weekend Encouragement

Last week was a roller coaster for me- with having to adjust to a new job setting and role, planning the move and preparing for the holidays, I was honestly just mentally and emotionally drained by the time Friday rolled around. I finished off my work week well and spent Friday night relaxing at home and baking. On Saturday we headed to the mountain with our youth for sledding and a snowball fight. I made a resolution to get myself out there more often just because of the freedom and freshness that the air has. I took quite the beating when it came to the snowballs and got quite a rough facial exfoliation- I will admit that that one was my fault and I asked for it. After the mountain I was exhausted and contemplated skipping the book club meeting I was planning on going to, but after taking a nap on the way home, I decided that my commitment was more important. I cannot even begin to explain how encouraging it was to go there that night- I was exhausted but sat with eyes wide open an…

Be Happy

So crazy how often we plan our happiness for the future. The future is bound to have the same kinds of troubles as the present; learn to be happy now. 

Proud of my Brothers

What's Next?

Its such a strange feeling to feel "settled"- its weird because its supposedly what I always wanted but now that I have it, I'm not sure its so great anymore. When I was in school, there would be so much change going on- different classes, classmates, internships, settings- there was always something to look forward to, always anticipating change. Now I have a job that I see as permanent, I am moving out at the end of this month and then that's it. Is that it? I cannot imagine what the next change I can look forward to is and that slightly frightens me. Welcome to adult life Vee. It's almost sad to feel settled and strange to have to think of ways of creating and planning change for myself. Maybe in like half a years time or so I will figure out this new lifestyle and find ways of not getting bored. On the other hand, I'm excited to finally have opportunities to start crossing things off of my bucket list.