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Senior Status

I am still in disbelief that I am a senior in college. Where has the time gone?-Who knows!? I am so pleasantly surprised at how my life turned out! I am so thankful for the education that I get to have-considering that 510 million women worldwide are illiterate, what makes me different from any of them? That could have easily been me. I do not deserve anything that I have and am so astounded at the freedom that I have.  Praying for discipline, opportunity, discernment, standing firm, working hard, clear thinking, dedication to what is most important, encouragement, and a job at the end. Here's to a great year as a senior in college.
"You keep me steady when the sky is no matter what I will be facing I will not be overtaken, and You are the only reason why"


I could not be happier to congratulate Mariya and Yura on their engagement. Their relationship is so godly and admirable, it makes me so happy to see how God just brings people together so perfectly. I am so happy to have both of them as my dear friends and wish them every blessing as they prepare to commit their lives to one another in holy matrimony. 

My Help Comes From You

My favorite music group For King and Country recently released their new album Run Wild Live Free Love Strong (Purchase HERE) The lyrics in this album are gold This is my favorite

Cool Things

Was at the Land Bridge with some friends at night when we heard what sounded like deep gunshots, later to realize that the cannon at the Fort was being fired. We noticed candlelight there also so our curious minds just dragged us there. We discovered Campfire and Candlelight at the Fort, and I must say that I was completely blown away. Everyone was dressed up as people from different wars in history and had stations set up to display how certain things would happen back in the day. We got to see a nurses station, and were impressed by the soldiers quarters. I was offered to have my wisdom teeth removed by some scary contraption and the postman was distressed to find that we came without any "men folk" lol. I felt like I was in a movie and was blown away by the attention to detail. Old typewriters, pipes, letters, maps, torn tents, and everything was lit by lanterns. Looking forward to next year. I live in such a cool place with such interesting history. 
On the other hand, …

O, My Soul Arise

My Favorite Lately

I am the Crazy Aunt

I am getting very impatient having to wait to meet this little guy. I know I am biased, but he is the cutest. 

Beauty is...

Seattle Vibes #retreattraditions

Retreat 2014

Retreat 2014 was such a blessing. I was really empowered by the sermons and encouraged by the fellowship. The uniqueness of retreat is the unity that allows fellowship with anyone and breaks up the norm of being in a clique. I am encouraged when I find people who respond with "me too!" when I share my opinions and thoughts. My favorite sermon was about the Holiness of God- it brought me to a place of reverence when I realized how separate God is from anything that is impure, deceptive, imperfect and evil. Those are characteristics that I know I carry in my heart- in all justice everything that is in me is completely separate from God. This really shows me how much I am in need of an Intercessor- someone who stands as a mediator and allows me to take on His Holiness. I am so blessed to have such opportunities and really value the kind of relationships I am able to have with other believers.  Retreat video "Single No More Inc.'s Rude No More Linguistic Chivalry Kit&q…