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The Worst Feeling

I spent this whole week working on a project for my Community Nutrition class  where I have to put together a spreadsheet of an inventory of all of the different farms that are located in Lane County by their types such as vegetable, fruit, meat production etc. I was just finishing up and after all of this time spent on the spreadsheet I realized that I DID IT ALL WRONG.  #Helpless


Just wanted to give a loud shout of a big Happy Birthday to my good friend and loyal blog reader Mariya!!!  She has been so encouraging and caring and I can't say enough how I value her friendship.  Wishing you every happiness. 

This is Amazing Grace

Daily Ponderings: Mornings

Sometimes looking up is the best remedy for life's challenges.

Daily Ponderings: Flee

I'm currently reading Liviticus and can't help but notice how seriously God takes sin. For every sin, even unintentional sins God made the people perform lengthy sacrifices as atonement for their sins. So if a God who chose to sacrifice His Son as a the ultimate Atonement for our sins takes sin very seriously why don't we? If we are born again and have died to sin and have the One who overcame every sin and death live inside of us, why do we keep on sinning? If God takes even unintentional sin seriously why don't we think about how much more serious intentional sin is? When we know that what we are about to do is sin and completely ignore the Holy Spirit when He convict us, we stand in the scariest place before God- absolute rebellion against our Creator. After a pattern of going against your conscience, it starts to get quieter and duller- we become okay with sins that before were horrific to us and we excuse ourselves to partake in things that ultimately grieve our …

Snowy Saturday

Today was a superb day. I spent it adventuring with my brother. We started at Mon Ami- one of my favorite places in Vancouver. After consuming our coffee and crepes we went to a nearby vintage shop where I bought something of divine beauty as a gift for a dear friend. Afterwards we headed to the Vancouver National Historic Reserve and just trekked through the snow to the middle of the field where we faced the blizzard head on. That is one of my most favorite places in all of Vancouver and to see it in covered with a blanket of white was breathtaking. After taking some shots there we decided to go shopping and I was able to score a very cute travel journal. We ended with returning home and drinking tea :)
Here is evidence of our ventures. 


While mom and I went on an outing to explore the wonderland we managed to have a quick snowball fight!- And let me tell you... she brought her A game! Isn't she the cutest??!!


I love the start contrast of yesterday's treacherous howling wind and today's peaceful descent of flurries in pure tranquility.

There is No Other Way Besides Christ and What He Did


Following my church's Bible Reading Plan lead me to read Exodus 35 today and I simply marveled at how the Israeli nation was ready to sacrifice their belongings for God. I understand that there were many of aspects of rebellion during the Exodus but this specific aspect really caused me to think of how the society I live in views sacrifice and saying no to your own desires. I will limit my usage of the word society to be defined as the predominantly Baptist Christian community that I am surrounded by. I didn't realize before just how much we treasure our belongings and our freedom to have the things that we want. Unfortunately I see this translated a lot into the church setting. We do things and wear things and act in a manner that is a spiritual obstacle to our brothers and sisters and don't even give a second thought to it. Things that are not completely characterized as sin are automatically put into the "I'm free in Christ to do this" category and we don&…