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Here Again

Hot Chocolate + Trampoline + Night Time Cloud Watching + An Amazing Friend = Priceless

I Still Laugh At This Every Time

A Celebration is in Order

Congrats to Anna who finished Nursing School this week! It has been so amazing to watch her go through this difficult journey and to notice a complete trust in God in the overwhelming times of endless studying. Praise God for getting her through this challenge and giving her a true heart of compassion :) Anna you are going to be an awesome nurse!

The kind of games that we play :D


As some of you know the Reality conference is fast approaching! If you haven't registered go do that now at Check out this amazing video made by my church brothers about the topic of the conference

Oh Brother

Poetry Comes Easy Here

Last week I met up with this awesome friend and we had a creativity session at the Vancouver National Historic Reserve. She drew. I wrote poetry.


Dear Blog, Sorry for not visiting you more often and I'm sorry that I'm the blame for the communication issues. You must do your best to understand that I am rather busy at the moment and please be patient while I squander my attention elsewhere. I know it may be difficult but please accept the fact that its not you, its me. It's my life that has changed and you must remain a bystander while I pursue other endeavors; meanwhile I will try to do my best to keep you posted (see what I did there? haha). Thanks for being so steadfast in your continuous devotion. -The Wordsmith