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I love picnicking with this friend. 


Meet Inna... the first time I met her I would have never guessed that we would become friends! I'm so glad God changed both her and me and let me see the work that He is doing in her life. She is one of the most oblivious yet genuine people I have ever met. She is so sweet and cries if you make her laugh really hard- its quite intriguing! Love this girl. I guarantee that if you befriend her you wont regret it :)


Feel free to make your own interpretation of where these are from and why I took them.

Dearly Departed... (From Me)

Sooo.. my friends may have separated themselves from my presence physically but they shall always be with me in spirit... Drokins are in Russia having a blast I'm sure and Rodins are in California skydiving and doing all sorts of exciting what nots. And I am... spending my time working :/
Missing my friends a great deal now so if you guys don't mind coming back sooner than planned I would greatly appreciate it


I am absolutely loving Tenth Avenue North's song "Worn" Sometimes that song is a perfect description of my state. It is such a good reminder to always know that redemption wins in us when we constantly fail and cannot measure up to expectation. Christ has already completed that saving work in us and no matter how bad our earthly circumstances get He can always mend our hearts and restore us. I know I get a sense of spiritual tiredness sometimes when I realize that I have been failing and when I am just heart wrenchingly worn out from the struggle; it is always such a relief to hear this song in those moments and to know that Christ can overcome anything. 


Meet my beautiful cousin Nina!!! Her nickname is Puncha... so feel free to use that against her. She is probably the funniest and most oblivious person that I know. She has a kind soul and uses her resources for the good of others. She loves to go to Mexico to serve the children there and uses her talents for the glorification of Christ. We spent many a days playing dress up and making music videos, playing restaurant and watching Disney movies; but most of all we often can have deep conversation that serve for the edification of both of our souls. I know she loves Jesus above all else and wishes to use her life for the furthering of His kingdom. Love this girl a whole lot. 

Congrats to Maria and David!

This is the fourth wedding I have attended in the last month but it was awesome to be able to celebrate with these two on their special day! I wish you guys every blessing in every upcoming endeavor!

The Rest of my Aussie Vacation Part 3

One of the last places we visited was Penguin Island. Although I would gladly sign a petition to have it renamed to Seagull Island. We were met by about 100000000 seagulls that chant in unison until your ears bleed. I attended a penguin feeding where I got to see penguins being fed (go figure). Although my previously held obsession with penguins has been terminated it was still cool to see the little guys waddling about. The sunset pics are from one of my last few nights in Australia when Kevin, Julie and I went to watch the sunset at Secret Harbour Beach and stayed for some stargazing as well. This beach is right next to the city but luckily there are no city lights there to interrupt the viewing of the galaxies. Afterwards we thought it was only appropriate to finish the day off by watching "Finding Nemo" :)  The last few pics are already from my way home. The two second to last photos were taken at Sydney International Airport while I was stuck there for about 7 hours! And…

The Rest of my Aussia Vacation Part 2

This was on our way to Pinnacles Dessert. We decided to make a random stop in a town called "Two Rocks" where we only found one rock and an abandoned beach but we were not dismayed because the beauty of the dazzling water and white sand made up for the other missing rock. It took us about 3 hours to make it to the Pinnacles but it was completely worth it! It so awesome how easy it is for God to place something like that in a random spot and have mankind bewildered and trying to find an explanation for its existence- as Christians we know its purpose is solely for His glory! 

The Rest of my Aussie Vacation Part 1

This is King's Park.  It is a botanical garden and a cityscape viewing area in one:) The treetop walk and glass bridge stretch out through the tips of the trees and provide an amazing view of the city and all of the variety of nature located there. This place has fountains, ponds, astounding trees and not to mention very conveniently placed benches. There is plenty to see here so be sure to mark this as one of your destinations if you're ever in that area :P