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Love this quote: "When you gaze upon the sun—it makes everything
else dark; when you taste honey—it makes everything
else tasteless. Likewise, when your soul feeds on Jesus
—it takes away the sweetness of all earthly things;
praise, pleasure, fleshly lusts, all lose their sweetness.
Keep a continued gaze! Run, looking unto Jesus. So
will the world be crucified to you—and you unto the world!"

Cho Crocodil?

As some of you know, my super awesome sister lives in Australia with her husband Kebin. I will dedicate this post specifically to her because I miss her so much. She has been such a big influence in my life: I have avoided so many mistakes by not copying hers :P .. no really. Many times she steered me away from pitfalls and deep enticing temptations; she warned me often of dangers that many people fall into. We also always had a blast together. She was my silliest companion; everyone always thought that she is so serious but I am one of the few that truly knew her crazy side! And it was such a joy to be silly with her. That is probably what I miss the most. All of the nicknames, the zerberts, the crazy scratch fights!... oh the joys of sisterhood! I truly cannot wait until she comes back or I get to visit her. It has only been a few months but I don't know how much longer I can last because no one can replace my sister in my heart. Crasnola I miss you so much! ~Kref-T


It's Vee here. Welcome dear friend to my newly created and long awaited blog! The Town Scribe is going to be dedicated to wonderful things; things I wish to share with you. These things may entail within themselves spiritual observations, exciting adventures, unforgettable journeys and refreshing laughs. I am excited to start this journey of sharing my experiences with you and hope that in some way or other it will be a blessing to your life:)