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Christmas Spirit

With the move and work keeping me super busy, I haven't really been feeling that good ole' Christmas spirit and have tried so hard to instill it with Christmas music, cozy clothes and shopping. I just realized today that everything I was trying to do was just a huge distraction from the real reason I celebrate Christmas. I felt ashamed that I didn't realize how little it all mattered when I thought about the real reason for Christmas: JESUS! Thinking about Jesus being born has given me the greatest peace because there is no greater joy than knowing that God loved us so much that He sent His only Son! I leave you with one of my new favorite Christmas songs sung by the lovely Lauren Daigle and wish you guys many blessings as you prepare to celebrate the birth of the One True King. 


This week I have been reflecting on where I am in my life and my level of contentment and confidence in what I am doing. I am in a CS Lewis book club where we are reading Screwtape Letters and it has caused me to be more aware of which thoughts the devil puts into my head and how hard he works to tear me down. I have exactly the life that I pictured I would and the life that I wanted and planned for. Along the way I had a lot of hardships, but ultimately God still gave me what I wanted. What is baffling for me is that the devil can give me so much doubt and discontentment even in situations that I know are right for my life. I realized that there won't be a moment in my life where I will be perfectly content and be absolutely happy about every aspect in my life- not without a fight at least. Reading this book has showed me how actively I have to fight every day to stay alert and listen to the voice of God and tell myself truth instead of listening to the lies that the devil tries…


Sabir and I finally moved out! It's such an exciting time for us and we are feeling very adulty with all of the decisions we have to make haha. We aren't done putting everything it's place, but we are getting there. We got our table up and are slightly ready for Christmas!