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Last First Day

Today was my last first day of class at PSU. It's a bittersweet feeling knowing that I will be done with my degree in June; I enjoy learning and school has changed me completely, but I am sure I will enjoy the freedom of not having homework and hopefully getting to work in the field. 

Spring break happenings and fair maidens

Spring break was great- it was relaxing to not think about school for one whole week! haha I really took advantage of spending time with people and would say that I did so very successfully. I hung out with my cousins almost every evening and spent Sunday night walking the Columbia Renaissance trail with friends. Monday evening was phenomenal, my friends (with whom I share the blog Four Fair Maidens) spent it picnicking in our favorite spot on the Portland side of the Columbia while airplane gazing. Our friendship seems so natural and its so comfortable to share our lives with one another. I am so blessed that sometimes I cannot believe the life that I have. head over to Four Fair Maidens to read Kat's post about our evening


Obviously, my nephew is just a grumpy old man XD