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Snow Daze

Went up to Larch Mountain with friends for the first time yesterday and had such a blast. Stuck in the snow//broke a sled//sang by a fire//got a snow exfoliation facial x 4//crazy snowball fight//hot tea//sun//frozen. It's so good to spend time with such great friends. Resolution: do stuff like this more often. Result: stayed home all day sneezing: WORTH IT. Consequence: I still have work tomorrow. Hope: Still snowed in tomorrow. Reality: probably still need to go to work. Realized: It's late, I'm sick, need to go to sleep. Goodnight loves.


The last month of my life has been the most unpredictable, busy, amazing and fun I've had in a while! I had an amazing birthday that I celebrated with special friends and cannot believe that I am already 23. I spent Christmas with my family and after the Christmas concert at my church, I spent time with friends hanging out in Portland. New Year's was spent with my church youth in prayer, worship and fun- after which I had an after party at my place. I have so enjoyed being able to spend so much time with friends this past month and am kind of sad that they have to go back to school and I have to spend more time at work. On the other hand I am ready for life to quiet down a little bit. One of my New Year's Resolutions has been to build routine into my life so that I can be more productive. While I was in school many things were chaotic and unpredictable- now that I have more stability in my life I want to work on creating good habits and sticking to them. The last chapter …