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Ever since I finished school and got my new job I have been trying to find something new to chase. I have been taking pleasure in having a calmer pace of life and have enjoyed not really having anything to strive for. I thought that maybe with time something new would come along and my next big thing would just fall into my lap and I would be chasing some new success. Every person I had talked to about this told me something that didn't really satisfy my wonder- everything was so earth centered- "pursue traveling, or marriage, or education"- all things that still focused on me and finding earthly success. This past week I had the blessing of hosting someone in my home for the Pastor's Conference at my church and finally someone told me something else. I was so surprised that such simple advice had not already been given to me and that after such a long struggle, I hadn't thought of it myself. My next big chase is... to glorify God in every single situation of my…