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Ever since I finished school and got my new job I have been trying to find something new to chase. I have been taking pleasure in having a calmer pace of life and have enjoyed not really having anything to strive for. I thought that maybe with time something new would come along and my next big thing would just fall into my lap and I would be chasing some new success. Every person I had talked to about this told me something that didn't really satisfy my wonder- everything was so earth centered- "pursue traveling, or marriage, or education"- all things that still focused on me and finding earthly success. This past week I had the blessing of hosting someone in my home for the Pastor's Conference at my church and finally someone told me something else. I was so surprised that such simple advice had not already been given to me and that after such a long struggle, I hadn't thought of it myself. My next big chase is... to glorify God in every single situation of my life- to do every single thing in my life to the best of my ability so that it glorifies God to the utmost capacity. I realized that I was doing so many things mechanically and without any joy- I would do ministry and take care of my home and do kind things for people but none of them took everything in me. I realized that the only way to glorify God through my every day life was to give myself completely and use every ounce of my being for physically working for the glory of God. To be tired at the end of the day, to use my finances to bless others, to take care of my home as if Jesus himself was coming over- and to be so happy doing it. 


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Life has finally plateaued a little bit! To be honest, the second half of 2017 wasn't that great and I hit of bit of a rough patch for a while which didn't really make me want to engage. In August I got diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disease which involved getting a diagnostic procedure and many trips to my specialist. I wasn't feeling very well for a good half a year until my medicine started to take affect and I could go back to my normal lifestyle. I am so grateful for the friends (Essi, Sok and Mary) who actively asked me how I was feeling and really encouraged me and showed me some real genuine love- thanks friends! Now that I'm feeling better and have more vigor to have a great year I will try to be more consistent with being present on my blog. So far 2018 has 2 main events, both of which are going to occur in May. First of all, my loyal and trusty friend of 25 years is getting married!!! I couldn't be happier for Kat and her boo Anton! I am so honored to be …


I guess SF is all the rage these days, I'm cool with that.