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Don't Lose Your Pen

This is awesome!


My sister and I took a roadtrip to the oh so beautiful Leavenworth. Our trip was accompanied by delicious cuisine, listening to awesome yodeling and an amazing lightning show from the sky. We had an incredible time :) Here are some pics from our trip.

Seaside :)

My sister, my cousin Nina and I went to the beach yesterday :)

Greeks and Italians

Pizza Italiana is the best. Their food is amazing! They serve the most incredible authentic Greek and Italian cuisine!  This was the first place my sister and I frequented after she arrived.  The service we receive here is like no other: the owners are kind and have a most sincere approach to how they treat their customers. Pete and Mary are some of the most genuine people that truly care for the well being of the people that visit their restaurant. They go out of their way to get to know everyone personally and are always interested in what goes on in our lives. Try to recall how many restaurant owners you know that know you on a first name basis... not many huh? This restaurant is a pure gem and I wish for their success to multiply. Pizza Italiana deserves praise and recognition for their delicious food and superb service. They get a 10/10 from me. Support your local economy- go visit Pizza Italiana today and see for yourself how fantastic they are.   Here is their info: http://pizza-itali…

Mmmmyyyyyy Ssiiisssttteerrrr!!!

She is finally here!!!

So Proud!

A big congratulations is due to my friend Kat who officially got accepted into the Nursing Program at Clark College for Winter 2013!Kat you're gonna be an awesome nurse!

Everything is funny after 2am

My grandmother is ill and is so unfortunately in the hospital. Last night my cousin Nina and I stayed with her to keep her company and make sure she's okay. I stayed there from 12:30am until 5:30am. Here's a pic of Nina and I and the beautiful morning that we got to see from Peacehealth Southwest Medical Center.

Went raspberry picking with the cousins today :)