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My bestie came home from grad school for the weekend to surprise her mom for Mother's Day and I got to spend the morning with her- such a gem soul. 

His Timing

Being patient was hard, and I prayed for a new job for over a year- it's so crazy but God gave me a new job at the perfect moment. I had interviewed for a Quality Coordinator position that I really wanted and got the offer call half an hour before I left on my vacation. Yesterday I put in my two week notice to my current employer and it's hard to believe that something I prayed so long for is finally happening. I think the most important thing that God taught me throughout the last year was to not have my joy attached to these life events that I pray for. I'm sure that sometime soon I'm going to think of some new life venture that I want that I will start praying for- learning contentment guarantees joy no matter the outcome. God could have made me wait five more years before giving me the job I want, and He would have been just as good and just- grace abounds.

Republica Dominicana

Resolution: Take more vacations. The Dominican Republic is insanely beautiful. Laying under a palm tree on a turquoise water and white sand beach with hot wind blowing I couldn't even believe the crazy opportunities that God gives me- completely undeserved. They say that it's always in the valley that you learn the most and I agree, but I think that in giving me this awesome experience, God really shifted my focus towards gratitude. It was far from perfect but I'm so thankful that I was given such a privileged life to be able to do stuff like this. Here is some visual documentation of the experience. Also, it was Sabir's birthday while we were there, love that goon so much.