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Back and Gone

Came back from Camp Vapor on Wednesday night and now I'm off to the College Retreat!!! Tell yallz about it when I come back :)

Life's Too Short For Plain White Socks

So Cute :D

The Saddest News

Sabir found this note on the door of our most favorite restaurant. Thanks a bunch to everyone at Pizza Italiana for being the best and serving us with such a kind attitude.  We will miss you guys more than you know.  We hope this is not your end and someday  Pizza Italiana can be restored to its former glory.

HB Juli!

Happy 17 to my good pal Juli from!!! Dear I wish you all the blessings that God can bestow on you and for you to be patient with His plan no matter which course of life He chooses for you :)


Ed Golyshevski did this drawing at birthday party yesterday :)

Da Da

  Well I guess I am lacking in simple logic because I did not know that... One week of Physical Science left.  Everything I read sounds like a different language  and I have no clue what any of it means. HELP.

This is awesome


Right Now...

Wish I was somewhere near the dark sky. But ambition runs low and I shall not wander outside to gaze upon the falling wonders.

The Proof of Your Love

He's working on you too