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Finals and 100

In honor of this being the 100th post on The Town Scribe this year, I decided to dedicate it to finals week! All of my classes are online, so this will be my last week of work for the quarter... and then... I'm off to Australia! I am very excited for this quarter to be over because it has been the most difficult one yet. Wishing anyone else in the same boat many blessings. 

Vee-1, Ding Dong Ditchers-0

I remember ding dong ditching as a kid, but wish at that age I understood how annoying it really is. Mom and I were drinking tea and someone knocked really loud on our door. After opening it and seeing no one was there, I stood with the door slightly cracked and saw some girls running up the street. As I was playing piano they did it again, but this time I didn't bother answering. I sensed that they were going to come back a third time and decided that I needed to do something- lest they kept coming back the whole evening. I stood by the door, looking through the peep hole, waiting for them to come back. Alas, I see a girl quickly approaching my door, and as she reached to knock and run away, I knocked really loud from my side before she got a chance. She's an amateur, she wasn't expecting retaliation- she ran away screaming. I got her sooooooo good!


Yes she does!!! And cannot wait to meet little Squirmy in one month!!!

Psalm 61:2


I resolve to let go of the small stuff. The insignificant little grievances that make me bitter and upset and that oppose my selfish standard for how I think I should be treated. In light of tragic events that have recently occurred in my church, I have been thinking about things I might later regret. When people I love begin to disappear from my life, what am I going to regret most about my relationships with them? And that is when I realized how so foolishly I had been holding on to bitter disappointments and keeping them buried deep in my heart- refusing to forgive and instead foster a deeper and more meaningful relationship with them. I realized that it is all of the little things I refuse to let go of: all of the memories of shortcomings and mistakes- that is what keeps me from loving with a Christ like love. Am I so perfect that I am not in need of such grace from others? Absolutely not! I struggled with this thought for a while and would not stop seeing my grievances as legiti…