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What will people say of me, when I'm only just a memory, when I'm home where my soul belongs

A legacy:

Her deep love for Christ was exemplary; her life was an image of godliness; her mindset was always heavenly. I want to be like my grandmother.

Back to school :(

To make you feel better


I am soooo excited for this! Recently fell in love with For King and Country and am absolutely thrilled at the venture of them coming to Portland! October 18 is when it happens. Let me know if you wanna join. Tickets are only $10 at the door.


Glorious Rays

Here are some pics from our outing to watch the sunrise from Vista Crown Point in the Columbia River Gorge(ous). Excuse my lack of talent for editing photos: you will simply have to enjoy them old school style.


BAHAHA Daily Odd Compliments

HAHA Cute :)

Vee is back

I'm finally back from retreat!! Both camp and retreat were a huge blessing! Camp was challenging but also very enjoyable. ACTIVITEAM! Retreat was encouraging and fun. I am so thankful that God gives me such amazing opportunities and blesses me immensely with such adventures. Praisaloojah! Here are some pics :)