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You know that one crazy and weird cousin that every family has?- This one is mine.  Love her to death 


Had a great time at the coast yesterday 

Sweet Blessed Friendship

Its apparent that your friends reflect the kind of person that you are. Eventually, over time you start to accept their mannerism, their special characteristics, you even begin to exchange convictions and might change how you view life itself. I am glad that the people I surround myself with are godly, caring and encouraging young ladies who love God with all their heart- these are characteristics I hope to instill in myself. I am glad that through these ladies God is molding and shaping me to become more like Him. It's so beautiful to see how carefully God places people into our lives- none coincidentally and each with a purpose. Love them with all my heart. We are soul sisters. 

Aussie Aussie Aussie Aye Aye Aye!

Booked my ticket for my next adventure abroad: AUSTRALIA! I will be spending my 22nd birthday and Christmas with the kangaroos and koalas! My sister and her husband will also be there and by that time baby will have arrived as well-  can't wait to meet that little munchkin!!! Things just got real exciting. 

Sail Away From the Safe Harbor, Catch the Trade Winds in Your Sail

We went sailing yesterday, and it was a mighty good thing. 


Finally on my last paper for the quarter. 


Writing research papers is no easy task. It requires lots of snacks, breaks, and temporary moments of sheer insanity- the most important thing though?- An awesome playlist.  Lately I have been favoring RATATAT.  Simply because I work best under pressure and their music makes me feel anxious and gives me a good boost of adrenaline. I know that's not healthy in the long run- but for writing extensive essays, it will do.  Click Here for what I've been listening to endlessly for about 3 days now

The Future vs. The Present

Here is where I hope to find myself in half a year's time:
Meanwhile: Working on Paper #2/3

Can't Believe That a Fallen Earth is Still So Beautiful

Painted skies, dancing clouds, glowing galaxies, majestic rocks: trees, mountains, stars, rivers, oceans: They all scream that this Earth has the most amazing Designer.  "The Heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky proclaims His handiwork"- Psalm 19:1

So Portland

I might be biased, but I think I go to the most unique University. Around every corner is some random and interesting whatnot, put in place by who knows who. This is the random whatnot I stumbled upon today; peculiar things like this have a habit of making me smile-I don't think I am the only one.