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the earth is filled with His glory

yesterday was an amazing day 
A few pics from Mariya's surprise birthday party on the 9th:

H19B Maria!

Happy 19th Birthday to my really good friend Maria. I am truly blessed to have met you and am really excited that we could get to know each other and encourage one another. I wish you every blessing and pray for you as you continue your journey in becoming more like Christ every day. Love ya guuurrlll! :P


My mom almost threw this away!


Mariya and I had a just the two of us date on Sunday that I thought deserved a blog post full of photos from the documentation of our adventure. We started off at Dolce Gelato in downtown Vancouver where we lunched on some paninis and salads. We then made our way to Savona by the Columbia where we went walking and took some pictures. After that we went shopping at Walmart and then we ended up at Vintage Books where I scored two beautiful copies of stunning classics. I walked away with Great Expectations by Dickens and Wuthering Heights by Bronte. I was very satisfied with my find. And finally Mariya and I hung out at my place until it was time to go to the college service. Enjoy the pics.

Meet Catdip!

The title might leave you a bit bewildered but rest assured it is only a nickname :P This is Nastya and she gives the best hugs ever!

Busy Bee

Just wanted to give a little shout out to my awesome friends who check my blog even though they know that I'm busy and might not have posted anything. Also a nice warm thank you to those of you certain humans who come up to me and fervently rebuke me for not posting things :P Now for the updates! ... Yesterday was my super awesome and most favoritest in the whole world sister's birthday!... She turned.. old. haha. Here is a pic of us from when we were youngsters :) Yesterday was also Anna Drokins surprise birthday party because her birthday was on Tuesday, here are some pics from that event... and then there's the not so surprising obsession with eyeballs from the Rodin family XD