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[Fall]ing in love with Autumn

I am so captivated by the colors of fall. I love the streets of gold and trees of fire. The feeling of stepping on a perfectly crunchy leaf. The canopies of yellow, orange and red and the descension of leaves from their origin to their ultimate destination. The chill of the autumn wind and the warmth of the departing summer sun. I absolutely love this time of the year. 


Today was a difficult day. Praisaloojah for my amazing and encouraging sister who always understands.  


I have fallen prey to another cold. Not fun.  Feel free to lavish all sorts of good wishings upon me. 

New Beginnings

As some of you know, this week I started attending Portland State University to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Public Health. I must admit that this sort of thing is about a hundred miles out of my comfort zone. At first I was fascinated at the idea of attending a big school with so many people and a new environment, but as time got closer to the beginning of the school year I became more anxious and worried about starting school. I was afraid of being surrounded with so many people that do not have the same worldview as I do and people who are not afraid to be outspoken about a worldview that contradicts everything that God has determined to be good. I was afraid of the overwhelming homework I might face and genuinely concerned that somehow this path would fail me. Some of these fears were rational because when I came to the campus, my perception of the type of people that would be there was correct. It just too easy to notice how different everyone is from me. The weirdness stand…

Life brings change

Inevitable fear- the discovery of a new path that was previously invisible. That path stares straight as I approach it; it won't budge, it won't move to let me travel the familiar road. My feet keep swiftly moving themselves one before the other even though my subconscious yells "STOP!" The closer I get the wider the road grows. It multiplies in size, it overwhelms and envelopes; like a wave it covers me and pulls me farther away from shore. I flail my arms, screaming for rescue but its too late and I have been swallowed by the deep. I am forever changed. I learn to stand tall and confident a midst the challenge; until a new and wider path faces me and I am again diminished and brought back to the state of inevitable fear.