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The last few days have been pretty awesome and since I have to leave in 5 days we are rushing to go and see all of the places I had planned to see! On Wednesday sister and I went to Peel Zoo where we fed all sorts of interesting creatures! Feeding and petting the kangaroos was the ultimate highlight of the visit. They are just so adorable me and plushy!! If I lived here I would definitely want to own one. I felt safer with the kangaroos than I did with the goats!! I also saw emus, Tasmanian devils, koalas, llamas, sheep, goats, peacocks, snakes, parrots, turkeys, deer, and... An albino wallaby!! After we left the zoo sister and I went to explore the area and capture some shots. The surrounding area was so beautiful and tranquil with animals all nestled up in their niches. We had planned to go to the beach later on but the weather did not play out in our favor so we trekked on home instead. Thursday was solely devoted to shopping and coffee drinking; in the evening we had a scrumptio…

We go way back...

A few shots from the last few days


I'll confess, I haven't been in the mood to blog at all lately, but I am committed therefore I shall enlighten you with my experiences. I haven't been up to much lately so I shan't bore you with every detail. On Saturday we went to a place called Hillary's that is located right in the foreshore. There is a nice beach there with shops and restaurants and a most beautiful boat harbor. There is also an aquarium in the midst which was our main reason for going. I absolutely loved it!! We got to pet sting rays and small sharks and saw some quite amazing creatures. My favorite part was the tunnel that is surrounded by gigantic sting rays, huge sharks, awesome sea turtles and lots of other beautiful water specimens. After we left the aquarium we grabbed some lunch and afterwards went to walk the beach. The rest of the day was uneventful. Yesterday I had the privilege of once more attending church where I met more people and got to enjoy the wonderful service. Lunch consis…


Yesterday sister and I hit the beach as planned... We were the only ones there who even dared to get into the water! The Indian Ocean in their winter time is warmer than the Pacific any given day of the year. When we arrived we weren't sure if we would even go in, but the cool crystal clear water was too irresistible to deny and I had already promised myself that I would swim in the Indian no matter what. It was only about 70 degrees outside but there wasn't a cloud in the sky to threaten us! I absolutely loved just sitting in the shallow salt water as the waves marched forward attempting to take me with them. Sister and I weren't content to just lazy away on the beach so we pursued the tempting endeavor of collecting seashells. Mind you the task becomes addicting rather quickly and we managed to gather quite a handful of the beautiful treasures. It took us about half an hour from the time we said we would leave until we actually made it to the car- we walked the whole way…

Post Cards!!

Yesterday my sister and I just went to Dome for brekky and then hit the shops to buy some goods! Also...I sent some post cards your way you Americans! Lemme tell you... It ain't cheap to send 10 postcards to the states so I hope those of you who requested one feel special when yours arrives:) that is if the postcard arrives before I come back!! Anywho, nothing really major on the agenda today... Sister and I might just hit the beach and relax under the warm Australian sun. Blessings to all of you from the land down under.

Guest blog? Me? Puhleazee

I'm pleased to announce that I, Taylor Thorsen, will be your guest blog writer for the day. Thankfully Peeka- I mean Vicka- booked me so far in advance considering my highly demanded and sought after writing capabilities.
I'm not quite sure how I will top my cover of, "Smelly Cat". But I will do my best! 
As you may of guest (and if you haven't I'd consider seeing your mental health doctor pronto) that our beloved Vicka has ventured out to the Land Down Under... She has been entertaining us with fun tales and otherworldly pictures. However, I being the biology and environmental nerd, will enlighten and introduce you to a few of Australia's DEADLY CREATURES! After all, Australia is home to the top deadliest snakes.
CRIkEEE.. besides the countless deadly snakes,spiders,sharks and crocodiles, lets explore a few of the possibly less known predators..

1)Stinging Stonefish (Synanceia verrucosa). Apparently the venom causes so much pain, that the pain itself c…