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Insignificant Happenings

Today is the first weekday that I have off from working and not having to go to school since the beginning of the quarter. And of course it is spent studying for my midterm and writing an essay. Interestingly enough I almost don't mind. On one hand I think to myself that I wish I was done with school already and could have time to do the insignificant nothings of daily life but on the other hand I can't help be amazed at what an awesome time in my life this is. Getting to go to school and learn, gain knowledge about how the world operates and be challenged with having to think critically is such an awesome opportunity that I am so grateful for- and I know that once this stage of my life is passed, I will miss it. So all of you who are despairing about school- be patient and enjoy each moment for once it's passed, it will never come again. Now I must get back to studying because that's what I came to the library for- and not for blogging (couldn't help myself.)

Happy Belated Birthday Kat!!!

I am finally getting around to wishing Kat a happy birthday publicly on my blog!!! So... KAT!!!- Happy Birthday!!! I am so grateful to have her as a friend and am so blessed at the opportunity of having her as part of my life. Here are a few shots from when we celebrated her birthday on Saturday.

Love This


This is so true for me; so often I don't even realize the blessings that I have received that I didn't even pray for. Sometimes my prayers can be so dry or repetitive and so often I don't trust in the power of prayer- but even in my inadequacy to pray always with full meaning, God answers those prayers and in the most perfect way possible.  Sometimes I wonder why God hasn't answered a certain prayer but as time goes on and the solution presents itself, in the quiet depths of my soul I start to understand that His plans are tremendously greater than mine and His timing is always perfect. Our God is so gracious to have the perfect plans for our lives.


It's back go to school for me today! I am experiencing a weird feeling that is a mix of excitement and despair- excitement because it is awesome to have the opportunity to pursue an education of my choice that I find great interest in and despair because winter break is over and school is hard work. I think this is healthy though. Wishing you guys a blessed quarter.

Throwback Tuesday

I'm a little late but here are some pictures from Andrew and Dasha's wedding on Saturday!

Happy New Year!!!

2013 was by far the best year I've had so far. It was filled with many adventures and endless escapades; with trials and hard times and with lots of lessons learned. I am so thankful for the life that I have and am so glad at how 2013 turned out. Here are some of my favorite moments from the past year captured in photos. 

 The rest are from the biggest highlight of my year when I got to go to Australia to visit my sister.