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Eggs Benedict//El Greco//Torque Lattes

Sunday was a great day. After church we went to a french cafe called Brasserie Montmarte for brunch where I tried eggs benedict for the first time: I was very impressed. After getting very full we walked over to the Portland Art Museum where we saw the Holy Family with Saint Mary Magdalene painted by El Greco in the 1590's (amongst other beautiful and captivating pieces). By the end of out trek through the museum we were worn out and in deep need of coffee so we finished off our lovely Sunday afternoon with lattes from Torque. More Sundays like this are in order. 

Gonna leave you with a great museum song by Regina Spektor


A few weeks ago I applied for an internship and had completely forgotten about it because I figured that I didn't stand a chance in getting it. It is incredibly difficult to find a decent internship these days, especially in community health. It is even more difficult to find a paid internship in community health because most community health organizations are non-profit and aren't usually dishing out well paying internships. I received an email earlier this week being invited for an interview and was shocked since I had completely forgot about it. I accepted the invitation knowing that there would be no way that I would get it but figured it would be good practice to interview with community health related settings. I had my interview yesterday morning and would say it went fairly well- I was told that a decision would be made by Tuesday because there were other people to interview since the pool of applicants was very extensive. As I was driving home from class, I received …