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Today was a good and stark contrast to yesterday. Yesterday I spent about 20 hours writing a paper for my Integrative Health class which proved to be a lot more difficult than originally anticipated. The lack of resources as well as expertise in the field (and a new citation style I was unfamiliar with) led to ultimate frustration during the tedious writing process. I had started on it on Friday and didn't get very far - was struck down with the stomach flu which forced me to save it all until yesterday. The frustration with the lack of resources on my topic led me to abandon it and change course to adopt a new idea for my paper. After having changed course it still took me about 8 more hours to actually gather all of the information and put it into a research paper- I finished the paper at 4:30 AM, and overslept for class by one hour this morning. On the other hand- today was beautiful. To get a breather after yesterday's research paper disaster, I went to explore a beautifu…

Unimaginably Blessed

A few very awesome things are happening in my life right now that I thought I would just share. First of all... I'm going to be an aunt!!! HOOORAAAY!!! I am so excited that in August my sister and her husband will welcome their baby boy into the world. It's crazy how much I already love someone that isn't even born yet. I promise to fulfill every auntly duty that is ascribed to me. Baby- can't wait to meet you! Great news #2 is that I have been offered an internship with my Community Nutrition professor from last quarter. I am going to be working with a program called Early Works that is being done by the Children's Institute that is going to be implementing a parent engagement program at one of the elementary schools in Portland. To me its unfathomable that I get to have such a position and get to work with such great people and gain skills that are directly related to my career. Life is very busy, but it is also great. Trying to soak everything in at once. 


The Simple Things

Today was interesting: in every little sense of the word. Everything about today sparked interest in me. After class I had to do an assignment for my Urban Planning class that required me to take different modes of transportation down the same street in downtown Portland. It was so cool to just let myself get lost in my senses: the sound of the street musician, the smell of the radiant spring, the sight of the scaling buildings disappearing into the sky . In our busy lives its important to remember that though they may be busy- they also may be very enjoyable. You don't always have to take a whole day off and go to the beach to notice the beauty that the earth possesses: its around you in every little thing and life is much more enjoyable if we learn to use our God given senses to notice the beautiful, intricate details that He fills our lives with. After school I joined my cousin Nina for a semi productive homework session at Savona. After which we got cruiser bikes from Beaches…

Judge Not/Love More

Last Sunday's youth sermon was truly convicting. And not just a "yeah, that was important" type of convicting, but really a "wow, I need to change my whole perspective and really hit the root issue here, truly repent and ask God to change my heart in this regard" type of convicting. The whole time I felt as though the sermon had been specially crafted for me- to really get me to analyze my own heart and realize how little I love the people that are truly my brothers and sisters. By nature I love to critique everything- I always thought it would be awesome to have a career where I get to criticize companies or stores and tell them what they are doing wrong. Unfortunately my sinful nature brings this into the way I deal with people. As I was listening to the sermon I realized that judging people was just my default setting. In my own head, to myself, I always concealed this as honest assessment or analyzing- instead of downright, sinful judging. When I would be …


Discovery is Everywhere

Spring break is over; nevertheless Reality Conference was amazing and I absolutely loved hearing Alex Montoya preach. It's back school for me and even though it's difficult getting back into the routine of sitting through 6 hours of lecture that start at 8 am, I am thankful for the opportunity. While I was wandering around campus looking for my classes, I stumbled upon these awesome vertical gardens. I just walked out of the oh so vintage Annex and Shattuck Hall and almost bumped into these beautiful structures. Personally I think this is a genius idea for a place where land is expensive and limited. And of course: now I want one.  Check it out: 
That's what I love about PSU: you never know what genius and simple things you're gonna run to next. And they always leave you wondering: "why didn't I think of that?"

Beach Vibes

Over spring break my friends and I took a trip to Cannon Beach for a few days to let relieve all of the pressure that built up during Winter quarter. We had a great time- but as always, time flies when you're having fun.