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The Simple Things

Today was interesting: in every little sense of the word. Everything about today sparked interest in me. After class I had to do an assignment for my Urban Planning class that required me to take different modes of transportation down the same street in downtown Portland. It was so cool to just let myself get lost in my senses: the sound of the street musician, the smell of the radiant spring, the sight of the scaling buildings disappearing into the sky . In our busy lives its important to remember that though they may be busy- they also may be very enjoyable. You don't always have to take a whole day off and go to the beach to notice the beauty that the earth possesses: its around you in every little thing and life is much more enjoyable if we learn to use our God given senses to notice the beautiful, intricate details that He fills our lives with. After school I joined my cousin Nina for a semi productive homework session at Savona. After which we got cruiser bikes from Beaches and rode down the waterfront trail to the Fort. I've gotta say, enjoying all of the little, simple things every day can be more rewarding and pleasant than just enjoying one big thing once in a blue moon. Learn to pay attention to the beauty that surrounds you. 

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I guess SF is all the rage these days, I'm cool with that. 

The Prosperity Gospel Driven Life

Any serious Christian who has thoroughly read their Bible will easily tell you that the Prosperity Gospel is complete heresy- I agree. I have grown up myself often laughing at some of the stuff Joel Osteen and others alike preach, justifying their lavish lifestyles and preaching to thousands that if they believe in God they will be rich and healthy. They tell people to speak things into existence and believe wholeheartedly that anything that is even a slight hardship could never be God's will for their life. We often make jokes and poke fun at the Prosperity Gospel and thats its completely the opposite of what the Bible actually says and what all of the apostles and martyrs went through. But recently I started to notice in my own thinking that even though I fully agree that the Prosperity Gospel is heresy, I still pursue it in my daily life. My basic definition of the Prosperity Gospel is "putting your hope in anything earthly that God didn't promise." I have been no…

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