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I have been super busy the last few weeks and am doing my best to not get burnt out.  First of all... my baby got married!!! It's bittersweet to have such a good friend get married- I am of course stoked that Mariya and Yura found each other and created a family, but I am definitely gonna miss girl nights and cuddling. Mariya's wedding was so great and it was such an honor to be part of it. Mariya was the most beautiful bride I ever did see. It was super hot that day but we got through it and headed to the beach the next day. We got to Cannon Beach at around 5pm and then went to Ecola State Park to explore. We got down to the beach and played in the tide pools and stuck our fingers into strange sea creatures. After which we decided to climb up a huge, slippery hill and hike our way back. We got lost because someone said "this way seams reasonable!" haha. After making it out, we found a quaint little cafe for dinner, and finished the night off with bonfire on the bea…