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We've Got That Summertime Summertime Happiness

Summer Vibes

Haiku: The Waves Just Kept Rolling On The Sun Burned So Cold We Did Not Tire Of The Fire

That's Just Precious

I Miss My People

I have had a pretty bad cold for about a week now, and developed some crazy allergy symptoms on top of that- I didn't realize how much I rely on my friends and social support systems to keep me cheery. Watching my church online is in no way the same experience as being there worshiping with the saints. I love my people so much and never realized how much I take them for granted. Love your people- Be with your people.

Perfectly Placed Benches Are My Favorite

Meanwhile, my Fourth of July was fantastic, I am excited for the planning of my next trip to Oz, I am getting acquainted with Indigenous Grant Writing and calm evenings are soothing to the soul. That is all.

Daisy Chain