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Unimaginably Blessed

A few very awesome things are happening in my life right now that I thought I would just share. First of all... I'm going to be an aunt!!! HOOORAAAY!!! I am so excited that in August my sister and her husband will welcome their baby boy into the world. It's crazy how much I already love someone that isn't even born yet. I promise to fulfill every auntly duty that is ascribed to me. Baby- can't wait to meet you!
Isn't she the cutest prego lady ever??!!
Great news #2 is that I have been offered an internship with my Community Nutrition professor from last quarter. I am going to be working with a program called Early Works that is being done by the Children's Institute that is going to be implementing a parent engagement program at one of the elementary schools in Portland. To me its unfathomable that I get to have such a position and get to work with such great people and gain skills that are directly related to my career. Life is very busy, but it is also great. Trying to soak everything in at once. 

"April hath put a spirit of youth in everything" -Shakespeare

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