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Judge Not/Love More

Last Sunday's youth sermon was truly convicting. And not just a "yeah, that was important" type of convicting, but really a "wow, I need to change my whole perspective and really hit the root issue here, truly repent and ask God to change my heart in this regard" type of convicting. The whole time I felt as though the sermon had been specially crafted for me- to really get me to analyze my own heart and realize how little I love the people that are truly my brothers and sisters. By nature I love to critique everything- I always thought it would be awesome to have a career where I get to criticize companies or stores and tell them what they are doing wrong. Unfortunately my sinful nature brings this into the way I deal with people. As I was listening to the sermon I realized that judging people was just my default setting. In my own head, to myself, I always concealed this as honest assessment or analyzing- instead of downright, sinful judging. When I would be convicted to change something about myself I would always look at others and wonder why they aren't doing the same and would automatically label them as less spiritually mature Christians; sometimes would go as far as assuming that they weren't saved. I didn't even realize that in judging others I was trying to take God's place as the Ultimate Judge. A lack of true application of Scripture and love for those around me was what drove me. The solution part of the sermon was my favorite because I always assumed that this was just part of my character and that I was just naturally a very analytical person- this is not so and God gives greater grace and changes our hearts. The simple solution was to just apply scripture! It's not my/your responsibility to determine who is saved/unsaved or spiritually mature/immature. "When you start seeing God for who He is, you stop noticing the differences between you and everyone else"- we are all of one body, striving for the same purpose! The action portion of this is to simply start loving others more; instead of judging, go and help others become more Christ like.

"To look at the behavior of a believer and hastily conclude that a fellow believer has not been saved is saying that the precious blood of Jesus could not save him. If that is the case, I shiver at the thought that the same precious saving blood might not have saved me too! And to look at an unbeliever and judge him condemned is to say that the purpose of Jesus’ earthly walk has not been fulfilled. Again, I tremble as the thought that if Jesus could not fulfill His purpose in that unbeliever, perhaps the same purpose has not been fulfilled in me!I shall be saved even as they!Could I not remember how I was first called by His Grace? Was it not at a time when I was at the peak of rebellion and lawlessness? And yet the hope of salvation has already taken shape in me then. How then can I be sure that the same is not happening in the life of that unbeliever right now?! How was the Apostle Paul called?Therefore to judge and condemn others is really to judge and condemn myself! Let’s not judge others!" -Spurgeon

The following is a lyric video that reflects the thought process that often goes on about others in the church. Enjoy. 

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