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The last month of my life has been the most unpredictable, busy, amazing and fun I've had in a while! I had an amazing birthday that I celebrated with special friends and cannot believe that I am already 23. I spent Christmas with my family and after the Christmas concert at my church, I spent time with friends hanging out in Portland. New Year's was spent with my church youth in prayer, worship and fun- after which I had an after party at my place. I have so enjoyed being able to spend so much time with friends this past month and am kind of sad that they have to go back to school and I have to spend more time at work. On the other hand I am ready for life to quiet down a little bit. One of my New Year's Resolutions has been to build routine into my life so that I can be more productive. While I was in school many things were chaotic and unpredictable- now that I have more stability in my life I want to work on creating good habits and sticking to them. The last chapter of Screwtape Letters that I read talked about how God created us to enjoy change, but also added permanence in proportion so that the two would balance out and we can enjoy both. I feel that perhaps I have been discontent with the fact that the next chapter of my life is to be filled with more permanence than change and realized that it actually might be wrong for me to be attached to change so much. God gives us different amounts of each during different times of my life and I think that now I am just moving into another chapter where I have to adjust to having less crazy changes and more stability- both of which are reasons to be content and happy about. I hope you all had an amazing holiday season and will go into this year with resolutions that will make you more like Christ. Happy 2016!


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Eyyyy I'm Back!

Life has finally plateaued a little bit! To be honest, the second half of 2017 wasn't that great and I hit of bit of a rough patch for a while which didn't really make me want to engage. In August I got diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disease which involved getting a diagnostic procedure and many trips to my specialist. I wasn't feeling very well for a good half a year until my medicine started to take affect and I could go back to my normal lifestyle. I am so grateful for the friends (Essi, Sok and Mary) who actively asked me how I was feeling and really encouraged me and showed me some real genuine love- thanks friends! Now that I'm feeling better and have more vigor to have a great year I will try to be more consistent with being present on my blog. So far 2018 has 2 main events, both of which are going to occur in May. First of all, my loyal and trusty friend of 25 years is getting married!!! I couldn't be happier for Kat and her boo Anton! I am so honored to be …

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Most people with autoimmune disease (or other types of chronic illness) don't have insanely visible symptoms like someone with a broken leg- most of the suffering goes on quietly with little attention from others because its often internal. Having invisible and silent pain can be so hard to go through and many people from the outside don't understand what it's like and can often miss opportunities to be a good friend. Here is a guide on what to do and what not to do since most people get it wrong. These tips come straight from my experience of how my amazing friends treated me, especially those who were having a very similar experience to mine.
1. Pray for your friend. Also, make sure you tell your friend you are praying for them. Dealing with invisible illness can be fatiguing, hopeless and dark. What better way to be a friend than to lift them up in prayer to the Ultimate Healer?
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And just like that, my loyal friend of 25 years has gotten married. It was such an honor to have Kat by my side my whole life and a huge blessing to be by her side on the day of her wedding. Kat was such a stunning bride and it was so exciting to be part of her day. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were having ugly dress contests, getting in trouble during Sunday School and even having many edifying crying sessions together. Wishing the love birds every blessing as they begin their new journey not just as husband and wife, but also Kat moving to the other side of the country- I hope you guys love each other more with each passing day. Also, just for memories and for those who weren't in attendance- I tripped on the stage, tripped over my own dress about 3598 times and had people just casually standing on my dress as I was talking to them, what on earth was I thinking not wanting to hem my dress? Good times to be had for sure.