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This week Sabir and I returned from our vacation in Mexico. It was different than I expected but it was still phenomenal! One thing that really stood out to us was how kind and genuine people were there; we were both very encouraged to start showing the same kindness to those around us. We went on a sunset cruise, snorkeled, and spent a lot of time lounging by the pool and in a hammock under the palm tree on our patio. One amazing thing that I realized as we were spending out last few days there and getting ready to come was how extremely amazing it was that this is the life I get to return to. I really started thinking about how little I think about the fact that I live a life of immense privilege and very rarely realize that and have very little gratitude for it. Most people hate leaving a vacation destination, but this time I was so happy to return to my amazing life, even though my vacation was a blast. So thankful for every blessing. Here is our visual documentation of our vacation. 


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Any serious Christian who has thoroughly read their Bible will easily tell you that the Prosperity Gospel is complete heresy- I agree. I have grown up myself often laughing at some of the stuff Joel Osteen and others alike preach, justifying their lavish lifestyles and preaching to thousands that if they believe in God they will be rich and healthy. They tell people to speak things into existence and believe wholeheartedly that anything that is even a slight hardship could never be God's will for their life. We often make jokes and poke fun at the Prosperity Gospel and thats its completely the opposite of what the Bible actually says and what all of the apostles and martyrs went through. But recently I started to notice in my own thinking that even though I fully agree that the Prosperity Gospel is heresy, I still pursue it in my daily life. My basic definition of the Prosperity Gospel is "putting your hope in anything earthly that God didn't promise." I have been no…

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