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Dark Evenings and Cold Nights

Spent Sunday evening walking at the Portland Waterfront; must say it was quite an enjoyable experience.  Otherwise my time is filled with working and doing preparations for the New Year's party. 

Merry Christmas!!!

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas today!!! I truly hope that you are not spending your Christmas celebrating materialism and practicing consumerism but are focused on the what the occasion to celebrate really is. That is Jesus. The idea of God being born as a helpless babe in a manger is unfathomable. How can a Being so Divine take on such a lowly feat? How does a holy, infinite God take on the limited body of man? The incarnation is such an amazing mystery- "Christ was not a deified man, neither was he a humanized God. He was perfectly God and at the same time perfectly man." - C. H. Spurgeon
"The Christmas message is that there is hope for a ruined humanity - hope of pardon, hope of peace with God, hope of glory - because at the Father's will Jesus Christ became poor, and was born in a stable so that thirty years later He might hang on a cross." - J. I. Packer

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government shall be upon His shoulder…


Yesterday I turned 21 and would like to just thank all of you for your wonderfully kind birthday wishes! I truly do not deserve to hear such gracious words and am very grateful for the friends I am surrounded by. I am so thankful for the life that I have and am very aware of the privileges I face. When I turned 20 I had set goals and am very thankful that I achieved them... after looking back at the past year I really do think that it has been the best one yet. I am looking forward to finding out what my 21st year has in store. Praise be to our Heavenly Father for keeping me safe and for sending me trials and temptations that I could learn through and become more like Him. Soli Deo Gloria.


On Tuesday I had the day off and the previous week I had met the owner of Columbia Mist Alpacas at work who invited me to come up to the farm and just kick it with the alpacas. Alpacas are my favorite so I couldn't resist the offer and headed up to the Woodland-based farm with my friend Kat. We had such a great time petting and feeding the animals- our time was filled with much laughter at the silly beings. I would definitely recommend going up there on your spare time- it lifts your spirits like nothing else. Go to Columbia Mist Alpacas for more info. Afterwards Kat and I just drove around the forested wounding back roads of Woodland and had an in-car picnic. Good times, good times. Here are some photos from our adventure. 

Unimaginably Blessed

Today my friends and I got together at Mon Ami for a breakfast date to celebrate being done with finals. We had such a great time just catching up, encouraging each other and fellowshipping. I am so grateful that they are part of my life and that God uses them to make me more like Him. They are such good examples of living for God through even the smallest and least significant situations and trusting him even with the unimportant things. I love you my Christian girls so much! 

Such a Beauty

Productive Day

Today I took my final for Epidemiology and it was my last one for the quarter! I am so excited to just have time to relax and do stuff I wasn't able to do prior. Today I went shopping for about 3 hours and successfully picked out a Christmas tree which I will decorate later tonight. Winter break is off to an awesome start.


I miss my sister even more during the holidays... 

Something about those bare branches

"I realize there's something incredibly honest about trees in winter. How they're experts at letting things go." -Jeffrey McDaniel

Almost Done!!

It is amazing how quickly this quarter flew by! I am done with all of my assignments and all that's left are two non cumulative finals to take! Blessings to all of you as you prepare for your rigorous final takings :)

December for Days

"When Winter comes, can Spring be far Behind?"


Life goes on and my dad is home and feeling a lot better than he was on Monday night. Thank you to everyone who lifted their voices in prayer and everyone who gave encouraging consolation. All is well. The below shots were captured on Thanksgiving when I picked my dad up from the hospital. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thank You

Today my blog view count has exceeded 5000. This is monumental for me. When I started this blog I thought it would just be a few of my friends reading it but the number above tells me that its more than just them. I appreciate this so much and really hope that my blog serves as an encouragement and a reminder of the preciousness of daily life. Wish I could know who each one of you are- huge hugs from me to all of you. The biggest thanks goes to my most faithful viewers- Kat and Mariya... I'm pretty sure that at least 4000 of those views are from you guys! Love you all. 

Spirit Lead Me Where My Trust is Without Borders

This song is on my mind, and the above lyrics stand out so much!

Times of Trial

This has been a very difficult week and my family would appreciate your prayers. On Monday night my dad suffered a heart attack and is having somewhat of a slow recovery. We were anticipating to take him home today but another problem arose so he has to stay one more night. Please pray for a faster recovery and the motivation to continue with treatment afterward. A big THANK YOU goes to my gals Kat, Anna, Nina, Mariya and Tanya who have been very supportive and encouraging during this time. Yesterday while I was at the hospital my cousin Nina sent me a text just encouraging me and reminding me that all things work together for good. And then and there I had an opportunity to share the gospel with an agnostic who has been looking for answers for a while. So please pray for his heart also and for God to reveal himself to bring this guy to repentance. God's timing is always perfect and its encouraging to know that God can use even the most difficult circumstances for His glory. Prais…

Here's to a Long Day

Today has just been an eternity. Very early morning, traffic, crazy workout, and lots of paper crafting. I am exhausted but it feels really good. Lately I have just been so thankful to God for the ability to adjust to change. If a year ago I looked at my life and saw that this is what it would be like I probably would have made different decisions. But I'm glad that He gives strength to pass through every trial and difficulty. I truly think that God made us to be active and busy people instead of lazy moochers. So go out there, take on responsibility and pack your schedule with productive things :) You might bend but you won't break! Feel free to respond and share what your difficulties are.  Here's a shot I captured while in traffic "What an amazing mystery, that Your grace has come to me"

Thoughts from a guest blogger

"Do not Fear."
"What? Not even a little?"
"No, do not fear."
"Surely I may show some measure of fear?"
"No, do not fear."
Tie this knot tight around the throat of unbelief: "Do not fear." "Do not
fear" today. "Do not fear" tomorrow. "Do not fear" any day of your life.
When fear comes, drive it away and give it no space.
When the weather is rough, passengers on a ship can be comforted by the
captain's calm behavior. One simple-minded soul said, "I am sure there is
no cause to fear, for I heard the captain whistling." Surely if the captain
is at ease, the passengers can be at peace. If the Lord Jesus is at the
helm singing, do not fear. "Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him"
(Ps.37:7). "Be strong, do not fear! Behold, our God will come with
vengeance, with the recompense of God; He will come and save you"
--Charles Spurgeon

I think this would already be a complet…

Study Vibes

I have another midterm on Thursday I don't even like Starbucks

Broken Vow

So I vowed that I wouldn't listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving but just this time I couldn't help myself because my oh so favorite band For King and Country recently released a few singles pertaining to the Holiday. I think I'll forgive myself for this broken vow just this once. Enjoy

Multiseasonal Blooms

Today I had the wonderful opportunity of just marveling at nature. I am usually not one to take pictures of my feet, but the leaves were irresistible- a golden quilt over the pavement. I also stumbled upon some beautiful blooms that seemed strangely out of season which made it quite a treat just to discover them. Enjoy the little things.

We Remember Wednesday

So just a little throwback to last Thursday- we had a much needed girls night with my friends and it was awesome!! We fellowshipped, had a bonfire, made s'mores and sang around the fire. Twas a good time to be had. But now I am back to the reality of writing papers and reading a load of material on public health. Shout out to my girl Maria for checking my blog all the time and to my girl Kat for getting good grades in nursing school. Love ya Christian girls!!! Hope you all are doing something super awesome on this cold and wet Wednesday evening. Gotta go write my paper on the relation between the spread of TB and poverty. 

[Fall]ing in love with Autumn

I am so captivated by the colors of fall. I love the streets of gold and trees of fire. The feeling of stepping on a perfectly crunchy leaf. The canopies of yellow, orange and red and the descension of leaves from their origin to their ultimate destination. The chill of the autumn wind and the warmth of the departing summer sun. I absolutely love this time of the year. 


Today was a difficult day. Praisaloojah for my amazing and encouraging sister who always understands.  


I have fallen prey to another cold. Not fun.  Feel free to lavish all sorts of good wishings upon me. 

New Beginnings

As some of you know, this week I started attending Portland State University to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Public Health. I must admit that this sort of thing is about a hundred miles out of my comfort zone. At first I was fascinated at the idea of attending a big school with so many people and a new environment, but as time got closer to the beginning of the school year I became more anxious and worried about starting school. I was afraid of being surrounded with so many people that do not have the same worldview as I do and people who are not afraid to be outspoken about a worldview that contradicts everything that God has determined to be good. I was afraid of the overwhelming homework I might face and genuinely concerned that somehow this path would fail me. Some of these fears were rational because when I came to the campus, my perception of the type of people that would be there was correct. It just too easy to notice how different everyone is from me. The weirdness stand…

Life brings change

Inevitable fear- the discovery of a new path that was previously invisible. That path stares straight as I approach it; it won't budge, it won't move to let me travel the familiar road. My feet keep swiftly moving themselves one before the other even though my subconscious yells "STOP!" The closer I get the wider the road grows. It multiplies in size, it overwhelms and envelopes; like a wave it covers me and pulls me farther away from shore. I flail my arms, screaming for rescue but its too late and I have been swallowed by the deep. I am forever changed. I learn to stand tall and confident a midst the challenge; until a new and wider path faces me and I am again diminished and brought back to the state of inevitable fear.  

Extraordinarily Blessed

I have returned from retreat with a cold but am nonetheless grateful for the experience. It was such a blessing to just be able to spend time with friends in fellowship and encouragement towards one another. After the retreat I just cannot stop noticing all of the blessings that surround me. My life is so amazing and I have so many people in it that make it so. I also came back with a greater appreciation and love for my local church. I was very encouraged by a sermon that was said by Vitaliy Pelikhatyy about knowing what your calling is. Before, I was worried that I wasn't following God's will because I didn't choose nursing for my career or am not married and taking care of children. This sermon encouraged me in knowing that where God has me right now is where He wants me; and where I will end up in five or ten years is where He will want me. I also realized that I don't have to wait until I finish my Bachelor's Degree or get married to be doing something importa…

Busyyyyness.-not BUSINESS

So I haven't been blogging lately because I have been rather busy lately. Some of that has to do with simply having a job and other of it has to do with having the opportunity to help out at retreat. I leave for retreat tomorrow so I will have an update afterwards. There was a special project I got to sort of write the script for that I will hopefully get to put up here for those of you who won't be at retreat- its kinda funny-ish.  Anywho, I am sort of worn out from all of the hustle and bustle of this last week therefor will not bore you with insignificant nothings.
Here is a pic of Kat that I absolutely love :)


These lovelies are finally coming home tomorrow. Hoorah! Pray for a safe return.

Coastal Vibes

Yesterday I had the awesome opportunity of spending the day at the coast with people from my friday group- I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was awesome to just have a chill day to relax, play volleyball, explore the coast line, chit chat with people and discover people's hidden talents. We started at Oswald Beach and hung out there for most of the day- and ended at the Astoria Column where we threw down our shoes and did awesome hair flips. I love spending time with people who I have the most important thing in common with. 

If you can beat the following hidden talent...send me a video!! This is such an impressive skill...

The goddess has a blogger!

A super congrats goes out to my super lovely friend Angelina Chvorun for finally starting a blog!!! Yes- she is the talented and witty author of BeBarefootOnEarth!! I welcome her into the community of humble bloggers who simply wish to share their lives. Go check out her blog and leave her some love.


Its becoming common that I just post pics and don't tell you where or why I took them. #lazyblogger

I love picnicking with this friend. 


Meet Inna... the first time I met her I would have never guessed that we would become friends! I'm so glad God changed both her and me and let me see the work that He is doing in her life. She is one of the most oblivious yet genuine people I have ever met. She is so sweet and cries if you make her laugh really hard- its quite intriguing! Love this girl. I guarantee that if you befriend her you wont regret it :)