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My blasé attitude lol

And just like that, a half a year has gone by since I have posted anything here. Honestly I have barely even noticed but am sad to see that I haven't been writing about my experiences as much lately. I guess lately I've gotten a bit of a blasé attitude about life and its hard to want to write and get out of that when life is so routine and predictable. Routine is awesome and stability is the best thing when you're an adult and have responsibilities that no one else is going to take care of for you- but it can easily plunder the joy of spontaneity and those experiences that are worth writing about. I guess its all worth writing about; even my blasé attitude haha; prolly because at least one person will be able to relate- and that is why I write.

In other news, to combat my blasé attitude and boost my career credentials, I am starting an online course in Project Management; I am quite excited because I kinda miss school.


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